chris-willitts-founder-mindful-strengthI’m Chris Willitts and I am honored to share how mindful strength training changed my life.

Years ago, when I first started to explore meditation, I noticed a calming, yet energetic force unknown to me. This energetic force found its way into my workouts and something shifted internally.

Up until that point, I was the quintessential “gym rat” who focused only on the external, superficial rewards of working out.

Over time, this higher level of consciousness helped me to realize that my old motivation for strength training (nourishing my ego) was incomplete.

This new way to work with my body also nourished my personal growth, not just my biceps. What I’m trying to say here is…

Strength training becomes a moving meditation.

This system includes mindfulness meditation, rhythmic breathing, visualization, energy work, and focused intention.

This “higher consciousness” hype is no joke!

In Mindful Strength, I talk about things like “higher consciousness, “chakras,” and “auras,” which may give you the impression I’ve taken a chemically-induced vacation.

I assure you that I’m not on a magic mushroom trip, and that these terms are scientifically researched and used within our program in a practical fashion. I’m offering you much more than what a simple Google search can yield. I’m providing a targeted approach to becoming more mindful with real life experience and an action plan you can stick with and call your own.

Why Mindful Strength Training Is Unique

Mindful strength training is mind-body fitness at its best. This form of strength training directs our attention towards the energetic dimensions of our physical existence via mindfulness. This is what sets this method apart from other strength training practices, the deep connection that transpires.

As a result, you will find your workouts progressively more nourishing and enjoyable. Another basic difference is that with Mindful Strength Training, we vividly focus on the muscles we’re training and the energy surrounding those areas, whereas in traditional strength training, we typically focus on the actual weights we’re lifting (from Point A to Point B).

Our focus shifts from external to internal.

The idea is to be fully aware of your flow of energy, movement, and presence, which serves as a vehicle for arriving at a higher level of consciousness. There’s not a demand for you do a specific number of repetitions, sets, or exercises. I’m simply suggesting that you integrate what is outlined in this section into a strength training regimen that works for you.

In this program, I will provide you with a weekly workout routine you can try that caters to your own personal needs and fitness goals. This is a great starting point to get on track with a mindful strength training routine, and I’ll show you how meditation can be integrated into any exercise you choose.

Strength Training Is Superior

Since mindful strength training is a newly evolved form of traditional strength training, let me explain why it is the superior practice for enhancing the physicality of the human body. Research clearly shows that strength training is the ultimate method for building muscular strength, promoting muscle tone, and losing fat.

Cardio, yoga, and Pilates all take a backseat to strength training, especially when it comes to fat loss. The research is clear about this, despite the old paradigm that still exists. Strength training gives you a metabolic spike (revs up your metabolism) for over 60 minutes after a workout, because your body is trying hard to help your muscles recover.

That means you’ll keep burning calories for more than an hour after your strength training session. It’s like getting a two-for-one deal at the “getting-toned store.”

Ready for the bonus round?

If you lift heavier weights and rest only 30 seconds between sets, you will melt through even more calories. Muscle burns calories all day long, even while sleeping, because it takes more energy to sustain muscle tissue than fat.

Why is it important to practice daily meditation in parallel with the strength training routine?

Besides the abundant physiological benefits and healing properties of meditation, daily practice progressively conditions the mind and body toward higher consciousness, and primes us for maximum output during workouts. For each of the four weeks of this program, I will guide you through specific lifting exercises and types of yoga that pair well with meditation, so you can devise a personalized routine that works for you.

Mindful Strength Objectives

  • Experience more fluid movements.
  • Experience your body as the energetic force that it is, rather than as just a lump of solid mass.
  • Use intention to amplify your bioenergy and foster faster recovery and healing.
  • Build a deeper connection with your authentic self.
  • Improve body image and self-acceptance.
  • Cultivate a calmer mind, and build a stronger body.

Although the basic principles are constant, combining meditation with strength training before, during, and after workouts differs from other forms of meditation you may have tried in the past. Specific workouts and nutrition plan suggestions are provided to help guide you through this journey of mind and body.

You’ll learn to focus on your muscles and the energy surrounding them as opposed to the actual training for a more internal and less external exercise. I will guide you through the process of meditating before your workout begins, during your lifts, and when you’re reflecting upon your progress at the end of the day.

Do any of these apply to you?

Mindful Strength Training by Chris WillittsDo you want to feel good about how you look, no matter what?

Many of us have an abusive relationship with our bodies, internally beating ourselves up every time we look in the mirror or step on the scale. Poor body image is passed on like a virus from imagery in magazines, movies, and mainstream media. When we learn to develop a stronger connection with our authentic selves, we tend to see ourselves through a more loving and accurate lens.

Do you want to learn how to love and accept yourself more?

Mindful Strength will expose you to a journey inward. You will learn how to connect with your authentic self and become more exposed to your inner strength and beauty (as cheesy as that sounds). This diligent process leads you to begin to accept yourself more, and the people around you will also feel a difference in your presence.

Do you want to get into a Flow State every time you workout?

When we experience getting into the zone, also known as Flow State, our mind and body seem to function in perfect harmony without conscious effort. Using our method of focused intention and mindfulness before a workout can pave the way to experience Flow during your workouts each and every time.

Do you want to learn how to amplify your bioenergy for faster healing?

Do auras exist? Yes, they are the body’s bioenergy, and science confirms this!

The color and size of a person’s aura is often used to indicate mental and physical health by spiritual teachers, energy healers, and esoteric practitioners. Through the practice of mindfulness meditation, it is possible to use the aura to alter one’s state of mind and bring about healing effects to the body.

Mindful Strength Bio Energy Meditation


Do you want relief from stressing out and being in your head all day?

Many of us are greatly affected by daily stresses and fears that create unease and suffering in our lives. They deplete and deprive us of our full potential. We know you don’t need another new study to convince you of the mind-relaxing potential of meditation. Mindful Strength creates energetic and spiritual alignment through meditation and mindfulness practices, which serve as a powerful force in relieving anxieties and helping us find meaning and purpose in life.

Do you want better sleep and wake up feeling refreshed for once?

If you’re tired of hitting the snooze button repeatedly, dreading the early morning, and dragging yourself out of bed each and every day, this program will give you the relief you need. You will begin to sleep soundly and completely in 30 days or less.

Breakdown of the Program

The Three Fundamental Practices

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Mindful Strength Training
  • Bioenergy Amplification

Supportive Mindfulness Practices

  • Focused Intention
  • Visualization and Centering
  • Calm and Energized Breathing
  • Mindfulness Journal
  • Types of Meditation and Techniques to Try


First of all, I loved it. It had great pacing, was not too ponderous of material, and provided a deliberate step-by-step method to ease neophytes and veterans into your philosophy. I was fortunate enough to read the crux of it before yesterday’s leg workout. It turned a normally laborious workout day into a fulfilling experience, without the post-exercise hangover.
–Tony Okeke

Very deep, insightful, and practical; a great combination. Your experience and knowledge of mind-body fitness are rare. It is a huge breath of fresh air. You are doing a great service to the world by putting this information out there. I wish you the very best success with this, and hope it touches thousands of people who are ready to hear and implement the knowledge within.
–Joe Weaver

I am filled with so many wonderful emotions right now! This program has improved my health, body, and life. It is masterful, revolutionary, and will surely help others expand their consciousness and become more aligned with their true self. You are presenting it in a very clear, practical way. And even though you are adding strength training to this program, the principals can be applied to any area of life! This is truly brilliant.
–Curtrice Goddard

Mindful Strength delivers timely and relevant practical instruction fast-tracking the reader right to the core of what it takes to begin transformation of the mind and body. The step-by-step detail simplifies the process while focusing directly on what one needs to do, and why it is essential. The opening paragraphs drew me right into the content, as I knew I was in for a refreshing and inspiring new approach to mind-body wellness. I particularly appreciated how you presented mindfulness concepts in an accessible manner. Simply put, I loved your program.
–Rebecca Elliott

Great stuff!!! This gave me a nice push to get back into the gym and yoga studio again. Love your idea of applying mindfulness and mind-body-emotional health to strength training. Also LOVE the idea of adding visualization and journaling to a wellness program. Really nicely articulated.
–Angela Pitts

Self-Guided, Online Program

After you sign up, you will be directed to our exclusive members-only section of the website where you will have full access to the program, which is 100% online-based in terms of how we deliver the information to you.

There, you will also find accompanying outside resources we use to amplify the effects. Please note that this isn’t a personalized program where a coach is assigned to you, but we have designed it to keep you accountable to yourself and moving forward.

If you have any critical questions using the program, you can always email me personally.

“Is this a meditation program that we incorporate into our own workouts, or does it come with exercises routines?”

Both! If you have a workout regimen already, you can easily layer this on top of it, or you can use our recommended weight training routine that includes yoga in the weekly schedule. Some of our members even adapt this system to work with other forms of exercise.

Go at Your Own Pace

The foundation of the program is a four-week action plan that we break down week-by-week for you.

Although there are fundamentals for you to practice daily/weekly that hold the framework solidly in place, this is a progressive and dynamic lifestyle that will constantly lead to new territories of the mind and body (i.e., opportunities for unlimited personal growth).

Features of the Program

  • You can put as much or as little time into this plan as you want.
  • Each week, there will be meditation, nutrition, and strength training “assignments” to keep you engaged and on track.
  • There are links to videos to provide technique and form guidance for lifts.
  • I’ve developed some amazing tools to help you ease into a meditative state and make it a regular practice.
  • You have the option of weight training or bodyweight training. You can even alternate or integrate the two.

The mindset, lifestyle, and practices in this system deal directly with the stresses that cause the “dis-eases” of modern society. The key ingredient, mindfulness, provides a way out of this conditioned cycle of poor health by offering us a lens through which we can observe the dynamics and forces within our body.

Nutrition also plays a huge role, and that’s why I’ve taken a holistic approach to creating a comprehensive program that carefully examines what we should be putting into our bodies.


My focus has dramatically improved during workouts. On several occasions, people at the gym (that I don’t know) have approached me and commented on how “focused” I was during training. So much so, that my friend was beside me during my run on the treadmill, and I didn’t notice him until I finished 40 min later. He commented, saying I had impressive concentration.

About 8 months ago, I could only do a couple of push-ups, and now I easily do 60 daily as part of my workout. I lift heavier weights, and have longer workouts with more energy for the workouts. It also helps that I have gotten lighter, which makes it so much easier to do physical exercise now.

I feel strong, energized, and certainly have a much better workout. (and it’s FUN! to feel strong!!!) I guess I would say that it is from a combination of practicing the mindfulness practices you teach in the program, and as a result, I now consistently slide into a “flow state” easier and faster, which used to be a rare thing. I want to thank Chris for the inspiration and guidance to expanding my physical, mental, and spiritual limitations.
–Crona Airgid

Chris, thank you for Mindful Strength! I always used to have a resistance to the fitness culture because of the superficial veneer it has in the media; this truly provides something soulful and deeper that is beyond ego. The workout sheets really helped keep me on track, and I appreciated how the program itself was in fact mindful of some of the roadblocks I have had in the past, and provided guidance around those. Thank you for showing me this timely practice that I now look forward to each day.
–Keith Duckworth

LOVE THE POST WORKOUT ROUTINE! I’m adding this immediately. Getting stronger by the day! Never thought about showing gratitude for my workout as well as visualizing my recovery process. Brilliant!
–Demond Thompson

I like how you broke down the word disease into “dis-ease.” It gives one a different way to look at what is wrong with our mind and body when we are not healthy. I really enjoyed how you discussed the negative effects of stress in our life, and how you went into depth for a novice to begin not only mindful meditation, but to improve both mental and physical well being.
–Bryan Kirby

I feel like a new person, have a whole new outlook on life, and know for a fact that I am capable of reaching levels I didn’t know were possible. Being able to attract positive energy and strength through your breathing and meditation techniques is incredible, and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to find it through Mindful Strength.
–Marie B

How much does this cost?

You can get the entire Mindful Strength system — the best mind-body fitness information science has to offer — our exclusive lifetime membership for just $195. It’s time to get the information you need to take control of your own health and fitness.

Price to Enroll: $195

USD $97

That means this entire system will cost less than a pair of good workout shoes!

After payment you will receive instant access to our exclusive members area.

Why Should You Listen to Chris?

Chris Willitts is well known for investigating human consciousness and meditation as the founder of Mindful Muscle.

He has taught mindfulness meditation across the United States, and is quickly becoming a celebrated fitness presence globally, with a focus on mind-body application.

Chris is also a contributing writer for Muscle & Fitness, Natural Muscle, and Vegan Health & Fitness magazines and has been published in several mainstream magazines and websites.

Academic Career

Chris’ academic background is in consciousness studies, positive psychology, meditation, and Asian studies from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He studied both main divisions of Buddhism – Mahayana and Theravada – and specializes in Tibetan and Zen Buddhism.

  • Studied under two of Western academia’s pioneering experts on consciousness studies, Dr. Richard Mann and Dr. Martha Travers, for five years.
  • Studied under one of the co-founders of positive psychology, Dr. Christopher Peterson, for two years (arguably the most progressive branch of psychology).

The University of Michigan has been very influential in the movement of consciousness studies, and is the first mainstream university to offer courses on meditation.

Other Mindful Projects

  • Founder of Mindful Muscle
    (blog that investigates mindfulness, consciousness, and self-discovery)
  • Creator/Teacher of Meditation Illuminates
    (meditation course that integrates positive psychology and group dynamics)
  • Creator of Mindfully Asleep
    (sleep meditation program)
  • Creator of Meditate by Eight
    (teaching children how to meditate)
  • Author of “Meditation Is Medication”
  • Founder of
    (plant-based fitness website)
  • Founder of Mindful Mingle
    (dating site where mindfulness matters)