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We don’t sit in meditation to become good meditators. We sit in meditation so that we’ll be more awake in our lives.
–Pema Chödrön from When Things Fall Apart

If you are new to meditation or getting back into it…

…this quick reference guide is the busy person’s go-to mindfulness meditation manual that flows nicely and builds intuitively. It will put you at ease and get you on the right path.

My two mentors have their respective roots in the ancient Yogi traditions of India and the ancient Shaman traditions of the indigenous peoples of the Andes Mountains. You get to benefit from sources of information that were cultivated over thousands of years!

Meditation has forever changed my life and continues to help me realize the expansiveness of the human condition. Most of my adult life I’ve exposed myself to higher education, self-help books, individual therapy, group therapy, couples therapy, you name it… and I can honestly say that nothing has advanced my personal growth, maturity, and spiritual connection like my daily meditation practice.

Contents of Manual

  • What is Mindfulness? What is Mindfulness Meditation? Hint: Reflection… is Thinking and Processing, Meditation… is Observing and Feeling
  • Meditation is Medication? Actually it is a “wonder drug”
  • Human Auras and Healing
  • No More Excuses “My mind is too active to be still for any length of time and quiet my mind.” “I don’t have time for this and I have too many things going on in my life to learn to how.” “Meditation will conflict with my religious beliefs.”
  • The Key to Unlock the Door to Meditation – 3 Main Ingredients
  • This is a GIFT to Yourself, NOT a Task! Your daily “mind-giene” (meditation) will make you feel refreshed, clean inside, and more put together
  • How Long Should You Meditate?
  • 6 Steps to Mindfulness Meditation
  • 6 Suggestions for a Better Practice
  • Mantras

Human Auras and Healing

Do Aura’s Exist? YES, science confirms this!

Now that modern science has caught up with what the ancients have always known, we can confidently say that all living things have an aura that gives off a VISIBLE AND MEASURABLE electromagnetic energy as a result of their biological processes. Some of us lucky ones even possess the ability to see auras, and now scientific equipment and computers allows the rest of us to “see” it as well.

The color and size of a person’s aura is often used to indicate mental and physical health by spiritual teachers, energy healers, and esoteric practitioners.

Through the practice of mindfulness meditation it is possible to use the aura to alter one’s state of mind and bring about healing effects to the body. (I go into further detail inside the manual)

Mindful Strength Bio Energy Meditation

Meditate Before You Medicate: Meditation can reduce pain by 40 percent, studies show…

In fact, meditation produced a greater reduction in pain than even morphine or other pain-relieving drugs, which typically lower pain ratings by about 25 percent, says lead study author Fadel Zeidan, Ph.D., of Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

Zeidan taught study participants how to meditate during four 20-minute sessions.

While meditating, the subjects had a hot, 120-degree pad placed on their right calves for about 6 minutes while undergoing PASL MRI scans—a form of functional MRI testing that better captures longer brain processes.

Every subject felt less pain while meditating than before their meditation training.

“What our study found is that you only need a small amount of training—just over an hour’s worth—to be able to meditate in a way that successfully reduces pain,” Zeidan says.

If you continue meditating regularly, the pain relief effects last even longer. “The incredible thing about proper meditation is that the more you do it, the more it becomes a part of you,” he continues. “There were prior studies on monks who had incredible amounts of meditation training, and they didn’t even have to meditate to reduce pain. It had become automatic.”


WOW Chris… you are truly super talented and I’m so grateful to have crossed your path. That is a testimonial I would love everyone to hear. It was extremely informative! I loved the human auras and healing section. I am always working on keeping my chakras balanced with yoga and didn’t realize mediation would be so beneficial. The step-by-step, beginning-to-end guidance was really helpful!Honoring any thoughts and just letting them be… true. I had no idea about meals 30 mins prior! Makes complete sense. Never thought about the energy being used for digestion taking away from my meditation.It felt like you were having a conversation with me, to the point, yet descriptive and detailed. You covered everything in the perfect order and gave equal attention to each point.
–Lucy Germano
I love Meditation is Medication!!! It’s very detailed, makes one feel like you are right there holding their hand and that’s nice. People like to be walked through instructions. You did an excellent job at that. It was very helpful!I feel your passion in the beginning parts of the text is even more impactful than the 6 steps. You are speaking about meditation with such certainty and such clarity that it intrigues me to want to know more. Also it’s described and illustrated clear enough that I feel as if I can do this!Meditation for some reason is a bit intimidating… however, you break it down in a way where it seems achievable. The way you addressed some of the thoughts and barriers that pop up which are common for most of us is excellent. I really enjoyed your approach for example “This is not a task but a gift,” it offers a great perspective and that’s motivating!Your writing and teaching style is very confident, clear, and friendly. I enjoy it and I love writing, words, literature, etc. so I’m not just saying it. When I enjoy reading someone’s work it’s because I feel drawn and inspired. I hope my feedback was helpful, I was mindful to not be biased overall (because I like your work so much), your two programs are great!!! I feel people are looking for these kinds of programs. Thanks for your innovative offering!You are a great leader/teacher.
–Curtrice Goddard
Meditation is Medication has been extremely helpful as I continue to struggle with a chronic illness. I am one of the lucky few whose doctor believes in a holistic approach to treatment and has been very encouraging of my use of meditation and yoga in conjunction with the unavoidable medical treatments. Stress plays a major factor in the amount of pain I’m in on a daily basis, and your tips and techniques for meditation have been phenomenally helpful in reducing the stresses associated with daily life as well as the exhausting process of a long illness that all contribute to my pain.In combination with my daily yoga practices, I have been feeling better overall than years of pain medication and medical treatments combined. While I’m certainly not a “pro” at quieting my mind just yet, your book reminds me to have patience with myself and the journey through meditation to one day being able to use the strength training techniques in your other book Mindful Strength. Thank you for sharing these techniques and philosophies with me and others!
–Jordan Lee

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