Mindful Strength Training 101

Strength Training is Now a Moving Meditation

Mindful Strength Training integrates mindfulness with strength training in an exciting new way. It uses breathing, visualization, energy-work, and focused intention with strength training, and anchors the whole system with daily mindfulness meditation. Collectively, these practices are designed to activate “flow” and harness the power of human consciousness to amplify our energy systems.

Not Your Typical Mindfulness Practice

The quieter you become, the more strength you can invoke.

  • Inner Strength: The mind and the human acupuncture meridian/chakra system (subtle energy fields)
  • Outer Strength: The body, muscle tissue, and central nervous system
  • X Strength: Unified vibrational, conscious energy of the universe (the Field itself)

#1 Myth About Mindfulness Practices

Many men in our culture feel like yoga and other mindfulness practices somehow demasculinize men and that they’re for women only. Nothing (as a male) I’ve ever experienced makes me feel stronger than when I’m solidly centered internally with who I am, and what I am. And to be present and connected with the full range our energetic capacities shouldn’t be a gender thing. We present the scientific facts inside our online program.

Meditation Sculpts the Brain in Significant Ways

Meditation serves as one such method for stimulating new synaptic connections in the brain. By practicing meditation, people can improve the strength and functioning of their brain while also changing its functionality. To maximize such cognitive function, it seems essential that meditation be practiced with repetition and intention. Yet even a brief investment of mindfulness can have profound effects.

Read our research on meditation’s effects on the brain

Not Your Typical “Gym-Rat” Strength Training Program

This form of strength training directs our attention towards the energetic and spiritual dimensions of our physical existence via mindfulness. This is what sets this method apart from other strength training practices.

A natural consequence is a deeper relationship with your authentic self and access to unconventional forms of power. As a result, you will find your workouts becoming progressively more nourishing and enjoyable on more than just a physical plane of existence.

Another basic difference is that with Mindful Strength Training we vividly focus on the muscles we’re training and the energy surrounding those areas, whereas in traditional strength training we typically focus on the actual weights being lifting (from point A to point B). Our focus shifts from external to internal. The idea is to be fully aware of our flow of energy, movement, and presence, which serves as a vehicle to arrive at a higher level of consciousness.

Advantages of Strength Training

Since mindful strength training is a newly evolved form of traditional strength training, I would like present why strength training is the superior practice to enhance the physicality of the human body.

In terms of measure, research clearly shows that strength training is the ultimate method for building muscular strength, promoting muscle tone, and fat loss. We have love for cardio, yoga, and pilates… but they all take a backseat to strength training when it comes to fat loss. The research is clear about this, despite the old paradigm that still exists.

Strength training gives you a metabolic spike (revs up your metabolism) for 60+ minutes after a workout because your body is trying hard to help your muscles recover. That means you’ll keep burning calories for 60+ minutes after your strength training session. It’s like getting a 2-for-1 deal at the “getting-toned store.”

#1 Myth About Strength Training

I can’t tell you how many times women have said to me they’re scared to lift weights because they will get bulky. This common myth is scientifically invalid. Women who strength train in a healthy fashion, get toned and look feminine, not bulky and masculine, despite the prevailing myth being passed down for decades.

Here are the facts:

  • Women simply do not have the levels of testosterone men do, which is the primary reason why men look like men and get muscular.
  • Even the average man finds it difficult to “get jacked,” and that’s after consuming copious amounts of calories, protein shakes, and supplements. Almost all bodybuilders, and many professional athletes and fitness models have a history of taking anabolic steroids.
  • Finally, in this day and age, virtually all models you see in magazines are airbrushed and Photoshopped to look extra lean.

There’s a misconception because most who have tried are referring to gaining weight on the scale versus how their clothes actually fit them. Yes, women may gain weight at first, but it’s the good kind. When they stick with weight training a little longer the fat starts melting off and the scales will finally reflect weight loss.

Conclusion: Please stay off the scale, and pay attention to how your clothes are fitting and the compliments.


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